Stoo® active chairs 

are developed to increase activity when sitting. Thanks to the convex base your body stays in motion and enhances metabolism, blood circulation and metabolism in spinal discs. Active sitting can also develop and strengthen muscles that maintain good posture and body position.

Using Stoo® active chairs doesn't only bring energy to your workday, but are also a lot more healthy than using normal office chairs!

According to many studies, static lifestyle and working is one of the greatest health risks. The fact that too much static sitting can kill, it also negatively affects to productivity and competitiveness at work. Exercising on free time, doesn't repeal the negative affect of static sitting, by itself. This is why you should keep your body active also during working hours.

Whatever your operating environment is, sitting will turn out to be active with Stoo®! 


A full-blooded office chair that does not force you to stay in place but instead activates you to stay in motion. The Stoo® Triangle changes static sitting into active with convex, unstable foot and the unmatched design of the seat that provides the best ergonomic comfort. Rubber base guarantees good grip so the chair won't slip away under the user. The gas spring is naturally non-rotating in order to be safe.

Edges of the seat are rounded so that the seat does not pressure thighs. The seat cushion is sufficiently brisk enough to ensure that the edge pressure can not be created to thighs. The seat design combined with the foots features ensures optimal ergonomical seating position.

Best buddy for Stoo® Triangle is an height adjustable desk. The Triangle is also great for meeting room, high tables and for example schools.

Height adjustment in Stoo® Triangle makes sure that users who are approximately 150-200 cm tall, can use the chair. The height adjustment is made as easy as possible and you can adjust the height from every direction under the seat. Asymmetric design of the seat gives you opportunity to use it also with skirt on one side.

Cleanability have been kept in mind in frames design and housing. Upper part of the gas spring is covered with plastic, so your hands don't get dirty when you lift the chair from the frame. The plastic covers can be removed if needed. You can also take off the seat cover for better cleaning.

  • Height 57-86 cm
  • Weight 6 kg
  • 3 year warranty


Active chair to schools home and offices

Increase activity while sitting with Stoo® Ripple. Perfect for those who are always on move. This practical and ergonomic chair works perfectly at home, at the office and at schools. You can use it at your work desk or as an meeting chair. At school Stoo® Ripple works very well in quick team work situations or as an teachers supplementary chair while guiding students.

The evenly curved, convex base makes sitting active and keeps the user in constant motion. Stoo® Ripple activates large muscles and deep muscles of middle body and speeds up metabolism.

Ripples seat is padded and the edges are gently rounded for best comfort. The stepless height adjustment works from every direction, from the ring under the seat.

Gas spring is naturally non rotating, meaning that the chair does not rotate away under the user even if you swing a lot or in steeper positions. This makes the chair safe to use in all kinds of environments.

The chair is easy to keep clean, surfaces are sleek and easy to wipe.

  • Height 43-63 cm
  • 3 year warranty


Stoo® Flex is height adjustable active chair for schools and nurseries. The chair is upholstered all the way with flexible fabric. Height adjustment is made as easy as possible and you can adjust the height from every direction under the seat.

  • Height 47-66 cm
  • Weight 5,4 kg
  • 3 year warranty


Stoo® Mini brings activity to lobbies, schools, nurseries or for example to playrooms. It also works as a footstool on which you can activate your legs. Stoo® Minis minimalistic design allows you to easily use it as a part of interior design. Minis convex base helps you to activate your whole body.

Stoo® Mini is cushioned and works well for example in groups in lobbies or as an active chair in play/craft rooms. Mini is available in two colours and because of solid frame, it is not height adjustable.

  • Height 47 cm
  • Weight 6,7 kg
  • 3 year warranty


Stoo® MiniPlus on aktiivituoli pyöreällä istuimella. Kätevä kantokahva tuolin liikuttamista varten. Stoo® MiniPlus on sunniteltu käytettäväksi korkeamman pöydän kanssa pikaneuvottelutuolina tai toimistossa ja kotona puolikorkeana työtuolina. MiniPlus sopii myös esimerkiksi palvelutiskin taakse.

Tuoli on pehmustettu ja toimii hyvin pieninä ryhminä vaikkapa aulakalusteena tai aktiivisessa askartelutilassa. Tuolia on saatavilla kahdessa värissä. Kiinteän runkorakenteen vuoksi tuolissa ei ole korkeussäätöä.

  • height 68 cm
  • weight 8 kg
  • warranty 3 years

Active Ball

Active Chair for offices, schools and homes

With Stoo® Active ball you can sit in an ergonomic position and strengthen and improve body position and good posture. Using Stoo ® office ball you strengthen midriff back and legs muscles. Active ball prevents static suspension in back. Non-stable base keeps user in good sitting position easier. Besides sitting, you can use the ball as training equipment and for stretching, as well as for balance training.

Stoo® aktiivipallon päällyste on tyylikästä ja miellyttävän tuntuista huopakangasta. Kangas on irrotettavissa ja sen voi konepestä. Alaosan luistamaton pintamateriaali pitää pallon paikallaan ja kantokahva helpottaa pallon siirtämistä.

  • ø 65 cm & ø 75 cm
  • Painoraja 180 kg
  • Päällinen huopaa
  • Liukumaton pohja (non-slip)
  • Kantokahva
  • Tuotteeseen kuuluu jalkapumppu