Stoo® is an active ergonomics brand by Top-Cousins Oy. Top-Cousins ​​Oy is a Finnish family company specialized in designing, manufacturing and importing ergonomic products for offices, schools and homes. We have been doing this for over 30 years.

Our wide product range consists of our own innovative products complemented by products from other manufacturers that meet high quality standards. Effective and close co-operation with health professionals has helped us develop new products to prevent stress injuries caused by terminal work. Our goal is to provide the best and most reliable solutions to prevent bodily stress conditions from the symptoms caused by terminal work. Our products represent a safe and ergonomic work environment in the 2020s and are recommended by occupational health professionals . Activity and good ergonomics increase operational efficiency, safety and well-being at work, at schools and at home!

Top-Cousins Oy / STOO® - Active Ergonomics Through Life

Vanha Porvoontie 231 A, E1

01380 Vantaa, Finland

tel. +358 10 3207272